How to Make Old Laptop Faster

If You have an old laptop, but its performance is prolonged? Every item, including laptops has a lifespan, and its performance will decrease over time. But that doesn’t mean an old laptop that feels slow can’t become faster again. Several ways have been proven to improve the performance of an old laptop to make it fast again.

You can tune up the software section and repair the laptop hardware, such as RAM and hard drives to speed up the performance of your old laptop. It would be better if you replaced your old hard drive with an SSD. There are so many cheap SSDs today with pretty good quality. The costs required are also less draining on your wallet and more affordable than having to buy a new laptop. Then, how to make old Laptop faster? Check out the following article.

How to Make Old Laptop Faster

1. Uninstall Everything Unnecessary

how to make an old laptop run faster

Many people wonder how to make old laptop faster, even though the method is quite simple. Old laptops are sometimes filled with applications that are outdated and rarely used. Suppose you want to make your laptop performance faster and lighter. In that case, you can uninstall all applications that are not needed, including applications that promise to increase the performance of your laptop. Because actually, these applications do not have a significant effect.

By doing this, the burden of your old laptop can be reduced so that its performance can increase. This has probably happened to many people. Few people experience that when their smartphone or laptop storage space is full of applications, they feel slow when operating. Still, when the space is freed up, the device feels faster. So it would be better if you only install applications you need.

2. Disable Unnecessary Startups

how to make old laptop faster windows 10

Does your old laptop feel slow when you turn it on? That happens because many programs have been running since the laptop’s start. You can see that the system will continue to load until all programs run. To speed up this process, you can disable these programs. Here’s how to do it.

Press Windows Key + R, then type ‘msconfig.’ After a new window opens, select the ‘Startup’ section and disable all programs running in advance. You can also leave the ones that you think are still important. In this way, it is hoped that the laptop’s performance can increase when the process is turned on.

3. Perform a Windows Drive Defragment

how to make an old laptop run like new

The next step of how to make old laptop faster is you need to know that when you store data on storage media (in this case, HDD), the data is stored in the form of blocks. Usually, this data block is sometimes scattered because usually, the stored data overwrites the previously unused block. Defragment is the process of rearranging blocks of files on the HDD so they can be neat again.

The task of this defragmentation is to tidy up the previously messy block data. Thus, when the computer is asked to search or process data, it can run faster. You can defragment the Windows installation drive (usually Drive C).

4. Cleanup System Files

how to make old laptop faster windows 7

Very old laptops usually have a lot of garbage. Generally, the old Windows file system is oversized. To reduce the storage space load, you can delete system trash on your laptop by going to C:\ drive –> Properties –> Disk Cleanup. This method can be repeated if you feel your laptop’s performance is slowing down.

5. Update Windows

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Suppose you can’t use the windows update feature. In that case, there might be a possibility that you’re using a pirated or non-genuine OS. Do regular windows updates because it can optimize the performance of your old laptop.

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Windows Update is very important because, in addition to optimizing the laptop’s performance, windows updates can also increase security. So, the laptop is protected from viruses that can damage the laptop. That is the reason why Microsoft always provides Windows updates regularly.

6. Replace Hard Drive with SSD

how to make old laptop faster reddit

The most effective method of how to make old laptop faster is replace your hard drive with SSD. Replacing your old laptop hard drive with an SSD is one significant change (in terms of hardware) that can improve laptop performance. You will feel a significant speed increase if you replace your old hard drive with an SSD. This SSD can make laptops work faster, such as when booting, shutting down, and opening applications.

SSD usage is more influential than RAM usage. So if you have more funds, prioritize upgrading to SSD first rather than upgrading RAM.

7. Increase RAM Capacity

how to make 2gb ram laptop faster

If your old laptop supports additional RAM, please upgrade to improve its performance. The recommended RAM size for smooth performance is 8GB. You can install RAM yourself because the installation process is relatively easy, and you can watch tutorials on Youtube. But if you have trouble, you should seek professional services.

But remember, first, know what type of RAM you use, whether DDR3 or DDR4. The price of laptop RAM on the market is not too high. So, if this is possible, immediately increase the RAM capacity of your old laptop for better performance.

8. Cleaning Your Laptop

how to make laptop faster windows 10

The last step of how to make old laptop faster is clean your laptop. Old laptops that are rarely cleaned can produce a lot of dust. The accumulated dust can cause the components on the laptop to become hot, and a hot laptop will usually hamper the laptop’s performance. For comfortable continuous use, clean your old laptop from dust on the laptop body and those that clog the pores. Thus, your laptop can breathe when used and looks fresh.


Those are 8 ways on how to make old laptop faster that you can try. If you don’t have the funds to upgrade your old laptop hardware or don’t want to spend money, then you can try first with a software tune-up as mentioned above. If it turns out that it’s just a software problem that needs to be fixed then you don’t need to think about the hardware problem.

Many online stores offer RAM or SSD at low prices and good quality for hardware upgrades. You can also easily install it yourself, to reduce additional costs.

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