How to Turn On Bluetooth Laptop

Bluetooth is available on every smartphone, especially Android smartphones and iPhones. Bluetooth is often used to send multiple files or connect to a device. Nowadays, Bluetooth has an important role.

Unfortunately, people no longer use Bluetooth because people are more comfortable transferring files using a cloud drive or USB cable. So that makes Bluetooth always become the last option.

Usually, Bluetooth is a built-in feature available on every laptop and smartphone device so that you can use it immediately. But sometimes, there are still many people who still need Bluetooth, especially on laptop devices. But many people also do not know how to turn it on.

So how to turn on Bluetooth laptop? Now we will explain how to turn on Bluetooth laptop or computer and send files in pictures or music from a smartphone to your laptop or vice versa, so please read this tutorial carefully.

How to Turn On Bluetooth Laptop

1. Pressing the Bluetooth Button

Usually, several laptops are provided with a switch button. If that is provided on your laptop, you can only switch that from off to on, and some are placed on the keyboard.

But you don’t need to worry if there is no button because there are still several other ways. After all, not all laptops are provided with a switch button, as we explained above.

2. Through Windows Settings on Your Laptop

This method can be done by:

  1. Go to the desktop.
  2. Right click – personalize.
  3. In the search button, type Bluetooth and then select – Bluetooth settings.
  4. In the picture shown below, set Bluetooth to on.

If you are looking for how to turn on Bluetooth on Laptop Dell, or any other brand, you can also use this method.

How to Transfer Files from Laptop to Smartphone Using Bluetooth (Vice Versa)

After you learn how to turn on Bluetooth laptop, we will now explain how to send or receive files from laptop to smartphone or vice versa.

1. Click Add a Bluetooth Device

how to turn on bluetooth on laptop dell

The first thing you have to do is select it and click Add a Bluetooth Device.

2. Select Device

 how to turn on bluetooth laptop

After that, click add devices, then wait for the loading process to finish until the name of your Bluetooth device appears. Here, my device name is Youngboy Never Broke Again. If it appears, then click Pair for the pairing process.

3. Confirm Code

 how to turn on bluetooth of laptop

Then a code will appear as drawn. There will also be a confirmation warning; please click “yes” on your smartphone, and there will be some confirmation code. Just click yes on it.

4. Wait Until Connected

 how to turn on bluetooth on laptop hp

After that, wait until the pairing process is complete, which will change the status of your Bluetooth device to connected.

5. Start Sending or Receiving Files

 where to turn on bluetooth windows 10

You can now use Bluetooth to send or receive a file if everything is already set up. To send a file, select send a file; otherwise, if you want to receive a file, you must choose “receive a file.”


Sending or receiving files using Bluetooth is no longer recommended considering that there are many other faster and more practical methods. However, if certain conditions require you to use Bluetooth, it also doesn’t hurt to try because it is still safe.

That’s a short tutorial on how to turn on Bluetooth laptop. We hope you can understand it easily. If you are still confused, please ask in the comments column, and we will gladly answer it.

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